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Additional Services

In addition to the extensive offering of glassware and associated items available for sale, H.S. Martin also offers many associated services to our customers.

Repair Services

H.S. Martin offers repair services when possible. If the repair of a piece of glassware offers an economical advantage over supplying a new, replacement piece, H.S. Martin will make every attempt to successfully complete the repair. Even if we did not manufacture the original glassware, chances are H.S. Martin can repair it. We have customers that, before they knew we offered repair services, had been collecting various pieces of borosilicate glassware including pipe, fittings, reflux dividers and condensers that were unusable and in the need of simple repairs. We may be able to save you a lot of time and expense by repairing your old glassware as opposed to selling you new glassware.

Installation Services

If so desired, H.S. Martin can provide personnel to assist in the assembly and installation of process, reaction and distillation equipment sold by H.S. Martin. Availability of personnel is dependent upon several scheduling factors which are effected by both H.S. Martin production schedules and those of the customer. We make all efforts to be as accommodating as we can with scheduling personnel to work at the customer's site. The customer is responsible to provide a clean, uncluttered safe environment in which H.S. Martin personnel are to perform the contracted duties. Any additional equipment required for the completion of the job is to be provided at the expense of the customer. Examples of additional equipment may include a forklift or a vertical scissor lift. If the customer does not have such equipment available, H.S. Martin can make arrangements to have required equipment delivered to the customer's site. If your facility requires special training of personnel to work on the premises, such training shall be provided at the expense of the customer.

Moving and Relocation Services

H.S. Martin can provide assistance with the breakdown, relocation and reinstallation of reaction and distillation equipment. Whether you need to have a system moved from one end of your plant to the other, or from a facility in one state to another facility in another state, let H.S. Martin lead your relocation project.

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